3 Reasons For Gold

The world is still in the midst of a devastating pandemic. These are uncertain times, and people are cautious. In this environment, investors need to be conservative. To minimize risk, most investors tend to invest in assets that are considered safe, particularly gold.

Here are three reasons why wealthy billionaires and sophisticated investors are betting on the yellow metal, and why you should consider it, too.

1. Gold Is A Safe Haven

Gold is in the spotlight lately. As mentioned earlier, investors become cautious during uncertain times. And since the yellow metal is typically viewed as a “safe-haven” asset when it comes to investing, the price tends to rise when investors flee for safety.

2. The Price Of Gold Increases During A Crisis

The price of gold moves higher when the value of currency moves lower. In other words, gold is inversely correlated against Canadian and U.S. dollars. With both governments printing money and devaluing their currencies lately, gold has been surging upward.

Financial experts believe that the price of gold could continue this surge as the global economy lags. This is a strong indicator that it’s a wise move to invest in gold right away.

3. Putin's War - The Invasion Of Ukraine

On February 24th, 2022 Putin's Army invaded Ukraine. Gold is the "there is no other way" asset in times like these.  In fact there is a strong probability to see it rise to never seen before prices!

Bottom Line

Gold often seems like an outdated investment idea. However, in these unprecedented times, this yellow metal could be the few remaining safe havens. The price of gold may rise further and investors who are worried about the rapid depreciation of their national currency and the volatility in the rest of the market should consider adding this to their portfolio.

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